Knowing our possibilities we are open for different kinds of partnership for strengthening of trends of healthy food and cultural values, as well as for introduction of new traditions. Few culture, art and entertainment partnership projects are realized already, as well as educational activities and partnership in support of Latvian farmers and manufacturers.


If you have an idea and you know how to realize it in cooperation with “Riga Central Market”, let us know and we’ll try to discuss about it and realize.

Fields of partnership interesting to “Riga Central Market”:

  • Healty food and lifestyle;
  • Educational projects about products provided by Latvian garden and wood, their preparation and consumption;
  • Culture projects;
  • Entertainment projects;
  • Department of Marketing and Communications
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  • Cooperation projects in the “Riga Central Market” business spheres
  • Development projects of effective management of the territory and real estate of “Riga Central Market”