07 Nov 2019

From 16.-18. november a “Staro Rīga” fair will take place in Riga Central Market

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From 16.-18. november a “Staro Rīga” fair will take place in Riga Central Market

From 16.-18. november, from 08:00-18:00 a “Staro Rīga” fair will take place at Lamprey Square in Riga Central Market, where you’ll be able to buy things for your senses, stomach and heart.

In order for visitors of Riga Central Market to prepare in timely fashion for the upcoming Latvian National holiday and Christmas (which is not that far away) different merchants will offer their unique products at the Lamprey square.
It will be possible to buy confectionery, bread and pine cone jam from Z/S “Buliņi”, delicious halva from our neighbours in Lithuania, products form home-producers and craftsmen – meat products, cookies, fruit-based candy and honey. To keep ones hand and feet warm, “Baltijas Teksfarms” will offer their knittings and different products made from linen, silk, ceramics and wood. If you’d like to please yourself or your loved ones with fragrant and beautiful things, eco-candles, soap, glass and chrystal jewelry will be up for sale. Z/S “Dzimta” will also participate in the fair by offering visitors their home-made wines. To keep you warm, “City Coffee” will offer hot beverages.

See you at the most colorful place in the city – at the Riga Central Market!


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