18 Oct 2016

Welcome to the celebration of the 86th birthday of the Central Market

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The celebration of the 86th birthday of the Riga Central Market will take place in the Vegetable Pavilion from 11 AM to 1 PM on 9 and 10 November 2016. During the event, both sellers and visitors of the market will have the opportunity to engage in creative activities, enjoy musical performances, taste festive treats as well as communicate their wishes to the Central Market and win surprise gifts.

The opening of the Central Market 86 years ago was a significant event for the people of Riga, so the birthday of the main market of Riga is celebrated every year in order to look back on the changes over time, learn something new about the market, thank the sellers for their cooperation and participate in creative activities that are guaranteed to bring fun in a positive environment.

During both days of the celebration of the 86th birthday, everyone is welcome to the Vegetable Pavilion in order to make a wish to the Central Market, spin the wheel of fortune and get surprise prizes, take part in the birthday candle making workshop, get a picture taken with the mascots of the Central Market, the Little Basket and the Little Cornet, and receive the photo right away.

On 9 November, the saxophonist Zintis Žvarts will entertain the audience with a musical treat, while the nutrition specialist Kārlis Birmanis will take care of making healthy shakes and their tasting.

On 10 November, the accordion player Arkādijs Zimovs will provide the visitors with a pleasant atmosphere, and everyone will have the chance to taste the Central Market’s festive soup prepared by the chef Javier Garcia.

On its birthday, the Central Market will say a special thanks to the Central Market’s sellers, appreciating their loyalty to the Central Market and encouraging them to continue trading in the Riga Central Market, while jointly contributing to the development and growth of the Central Market.

During the event, the Central Market’s 85th anniversary coin minted last year will be unveiled and exhibited to the general public in the Vegetable Pavilion. It was made of 10 kilograms of the coins brought by the Central Market’s visitors not only from Latvia and the rest of Europe, but also from more distant countries and lands, such as the United States, India, Mexico and Africa. The coin was created by the sculptor and teacher at the Art Academy of Latvia Kārlis Alainis.

See you in the most colourful place in the city – the Riga Central Market!

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