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Welcome to “Riga Central Market” – the most colorful and diverse marketplace in Latvia! You’ll find the wide range of local products and personal services as well as competitive prices here.

80 000 – 100 000 people visit “Riga Central Market” daily. From the moment of opening all social groups up to ministers and high-level foreign officials visit this place. You can meet here both people loving traditional values and seeking of new flavors, culinary novices and taste connoisseurs. Products are purchased by well-known restaurants here because everyone is welcome and everyone will find what they need of the required quality at the reasonable price.

“Riga Central Market” is especially proud of the wide assortment of goods offered by Latvian farmers and manufacturers.

This is the only place in Riga where you can find such a wide range of fish and meat, as well as seasonal fruits, berries, vegetables and other natural bounties.

“Riga Central Market” especially takes care of healthy diet and emphasis the importance of quality products in our well-being, so every day we think about ways to increase the product assortment, improve customer and visitor amenities, as well as to organize educational activities about healthy products and their preparation and entertainment, and fun exciting shopping atmosphere.

By the way thinking about customer convenience, there’s night market in Gaiziņa Street where anyone can buy products at a lower price directly from the farmers’ hands.

Visit it! You’ll love it…