Quality Management

Riga Central market has developed the food monitoring and control system unique in Latvia to guarantee the food safety and safeguard. This system includes all sanitary and veterinary regulations and requirements. Regular control is made not just by Riga Central market’s laboratory doctors and specialists, but also by the Food and Veterinary Service inspectors. Clients can feel safe because all the health and quality risks are monitored and deficiencies are corrected.

The wide range of foods – ranging from dairy products to fruits and vegetables are subject to accounting and control of Riga Central market. Therefore, the contemporary laboratory is able to perform even sophisticated measurements like degree of oil oxidation and oxygen measurements in the tanks of live fish.

Different foods have different storage requirements and the level of supervision. One of the most important tasks is the raw milk and meat quality control. The monitoring process begins with a review of suppliers. For example, meat is supplied from recognized slaughterhouses with health mark only. The meat which has undergone laboratory quality control and approved by a special “Riga Central Market” stamp is allowed to sell.

All merchants are established, tested and specially trained.

Control of storage conditions, sell by date information and labeling as well as quality control is subject to precise and detailed examination.
Quality supervision specialists of “Riga Central market” are most competent in the country – for a reason the hygiene training courses managed by “Riga Central Market” laboratory for food-handlers are highly attended. Many entrepreneurs call the “Riga Central Market” laboratory for advice and tips on food veterinary supervision.

  • Riga Central Market laboratory
  • Manager: Marija Piščikova
  • Working hours:6.00 am. – 18.00 pm
  • +371 67 211 503