Gastronomical Pavilion

The Gastronomy pavilion has 300 trading units. For the customers’ choice the merchants offer here goods of gastronomy, delicatessen, confectionery and pastry in wide assortment. The gastronomy pavilion has the widest baker’s and pastry-work product choice. Dried fruits, nuts, spices, eastern confection, halvah, zephyr, sherbet, cakes and many other confectionary goods reflect the pride of the Gastronomy pavilion.

There are several stalls of beekeepers in the pavilion with a wide choice of honey, pollinic, bee bread and other beekeeping products.

Under the roof of the Gastronomy pavilion there are various small and cozy cafes offering a chance of tasting fresh donuts, pastry, tea and coffee. Maybe these little cafeterias are not exactly the place for a leisurely fine dining; they nevertheless offer coffee and tea of high quality and wonderful taste.

In 1999 the Gastronomy pavilion has been renovated. About one fifth of the pavilion now is occupied by trading units of beauty goods and light industry. There is as well a pharmacy inside the pavilion.


Open daily from 7.30 til 18.00