Meat Pavilion

The meat pavilion is the biggest one, with 238 trading units. They offer truly wide and diverse choice of fresh meat – pork, chicken, veal, beef and lamb, as well as various meat offal. Here you can find also different types of sousages, roulettes, pates and smoked meat products. The pavilion provides exclusive offers from farmers, such as turkey, goose and duck meat, rabbit meat and natural countryside eggs.

If looking from the canal side, it might seem that the Meat pavilion doesn’t resemble the other pavilions; and this has an explanation – the reconstruction of the railroad, as a result of which, the pavilion’s side extension was built, so it then was capable of holding freight trains over the third floor. Accordingly, for the purpose of delivering the goods from the trains, the pavilion got attached to the railroad branch-line which was formed along the building as a concrete overpass with a 125 meter long double railroad section. This way there was created a train station within the marketplace, which nowadays has lost its initial necessity.


Open daily from 8.00 til 18.00