19 Sep 2017

Artis Druvinieks appointed as the Chairman of the Board of JSC Riga Central Market

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Artis Druvinieks has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of JSC Riga Central Market. From now on, he will manage the company together with the current Members of the Board Kaspars Zauls and Valdis Karnītis.
Mr. Druvinieks has gained the opportunity to manage JSC Riga Central Market, which integrates the Central Market, the Āgenskalns Market, the Vidzeme Market and the Market Latgale, as a result of the competition announced by the company’s shareholder, in which applications of 19 candidates were received and evaluated in two rounds.
“It is a very great honour for me to be entrusted with the management of the largest market in Europe as a result of the competition.
My primary goal will be the implementation of the ongoing renovation projects, particularly the ones in regard to the Gastronomical Pavilion and the market canal embankment, as well as the remediation and development of other market areas, including the reclamation of degraded areas, renovation of the pavilions and improvement of the layout of the points of sales. I am planning to make major decisions to attract the funds necessary for renovating the Āgenskalns Market.
Secondly, I would like the market to have a safe environment as its basis and all the processes going on in the market to be clear for Riga residents and visitors, so that no confusing questions are raised.
Thirdly, the company’s efforts will be dedicated to promoting shopping culture in the markets, popularising it among the residents of Riga and out-of-town visitors. In this context, we will step up our work to establish our own tourist information centre and a museum in the Central Market.
I am grateful for the confidence shown in me and I am ready to take responsibility for the Riga Central Market to preserve its cultural and historical uniqueness, while keeping pace with time and becoming one of the most modern markets across the continent”, Artis Druvinieks, Chairman of the Board of JSC Riga Central Market points out.
Mr. Druvinieks studied at the Baltic International Academy, where he obtained a lawyer’s qualification. His previous work experience is linked with large companies, such as L-Ekspresis SIA, where he held the position of the business development director and member of the board, and for many years he performed the duties of a purchasing specialist in Latvijas Mobilais telefons SIA.


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