30 Aug 2017

JSC Riga Central Market officially joins the Latvian Traders Association

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On Wednesday, 30 August, a formal meeting of the Members of the Board of JSC Riga Central Market Kaspars Zauls and Valdis Karnītis and President of the Latvian Traders Association Henriks Danusēvičs was held, during which the company was presented with the Association Member Certificate, officially confirming the affiliation of the biggest market in Europe to the largest professional non-governmental organisation in Latvia.
Being a member of the oldest Latvian association of traders, the Riga Central Market undertakes to cooperate, contributing to the development of trade in Latvia, to promote the good reputation of traders and to strengthen the mutual trust between the trader and the buyer. At the same time, the market is offered new opportunities to be engaged and use the Traders Association’s possibilities and resources to attain retail conditions in Latvian markets that are equal to those of the supermarkets. This is particularly significant as regards the movement of excisable goods, with a view to achieve complete elimination of their illegal circulation.
“I am pleased with the new opportunities of the Riga Central Market as a member of the Latvian Traders Association. This applies both to the attraction of new traders and opening up of points of sales in the area of the market, and also to the achieving of equitable trade rules for all retail operators,” Kaspars Zauls, Member of the Board of JSC Riga Central Market points out.
“The affiliation of the Central Market to the Latvian Traders Association will allow us to make a joint effort and stand up for bringing into line the trade sector, while promoting its development in Latvia, to enhance and develop trading traditions in Latvian markets and to promote the development of shopping culture,” Henriks Danusēvičs, President of the Latvian Traders Association comments on the event.
The Latvian Traders Association (LTA) was founded in 1912, and its operation resumed again in 1994. Currently, it brings together more than 600 voluntary members who are entrepreneurs engaged in trade, catering and provision of services. The goal of the Association is to promote the consolidation and development of the businesses of its members.


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