03 Oct 2013

The Central market has the coin

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Now, when less than 100 days are left before euro introduction in Latvia and Latvian lats will stay just in our memory, the Riga Central Market has implemented a new project and put in requisition the Central market’s souvenir coin. It can get both residents, and foreign guests.

The Central market collection coin was created in cooperation with the Collection of National heritage. It is already included in the international souvenir coin collection. “Heritage on a coin” is the biggest network of the souvenir coin collection in the world. 39 countries take part in this project. Latvia has joined it since 2006. More than 1000 souvenir coins are included in this collection. The uniform design of a reverse is developed for each participating country. On the obverse some special place, event or person is displayed and name of this place, event or person is specified. On a homepage of the project author – the Belgian mint “MauquoyTokenCompany” – www.nationaltokens.com information on all souvenir coins included in this collection is given with short descriptions of places or events displayed on the coin. In this way the displayed object or event is popularized at the international level. Information about souvenir coins of Latvia is published can be found in the website www.mantojumsuzmonetas.lv.


Pavilions of the Riga Central market with the cultural historical value have become a unique element of the Riga architecture therefore their silhouette was chosen for coin design. Photo image made in 30s was taken for design. Inscriptions “The Riga Central market” and “Anno 1930” – year when the Riga Central market was opened are made on the coin.

You can purchase the Riga Central market souvenir coin for LVL 2 in the automatic coin dispenser near an administration office of vegetable pavilion.


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