18 Mar 2019

The first Gastro Market in the Baltics was opened in Riga

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In February, the Central Gastro Market was opened, the first Gastro Market in the Baltics. Over 20 different caterers and 2 bars offer guests a wide range of international and local dishes.

Victor Ravdive, the author of the idea, says, “The Central Gastro Market is the most complex project that has been implemented. In Latvia, no one has experience in implementing such projects. And yet, we have all succeeded and the whole team is happy that a new place to enjoy life and a delicious meal will be opened for the inhabitants of Riga and the city guests!”

The central concept of the Gastro Market is that all meals are prepared on the spot in front of the eyes of the visitors and each one offers its own menu. The offer is various: a barbecue restaurant and pizzas, soups, stuffed dumplings, hotdogs and sushi, Asian street food, tempura dishes, chicken dishes, home-made traditional recipes, and many others.

Artis Druvinieks, Chairman of the Board of the Riga Central Market, welcomes the creation of the Gastro Market,” In 1930, the Riga Central Market was declared the largest one in Europe and in 1931- the most modern market of that time. The completion of the Central Gastro Market is a modern solution. We are confident in choosing the right way to develop a modern environment and to create a place to meet Riga gourmets.”

The total area of the Central Gastro Market is 1079.6 m2 with 380 trading units. It is located in the renovated Gastronomical Pavilion of the Riga Central Market. The Central Gastronomical Market will be open from 10:00 till 22.00 in the evening but on Fridays and Saturdays the Gastronomical Market will be open till 02:00 at night. There will be performances, events, and other activities by musicians and DJs.


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