23 Oct 2012

Illumination reconstruction in the territories of the Riga Central, Vidzemes and Agenskalna market

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The safe and attractive environment has become one of priorities of « Riga Central market» (RCM) therefore infrastructure reconstruction is running gradually, involving financial investments. Till the end of October of this year the large-scale investment project – illumination reconstruction in the territories of the Riga Central, Vidzemes and Agenskalna market will be finished.

In accordance with law on safety and protection of the Riga’s historical center, RCM is in the territory of the Riga’s historical center – part of cultural site; pavilion sets in the Agenskalna and Central market are cultural sites as well. Preservation of cultural historical heritage in the territory of RCM was one of the main tasks and replacement of existing uneconomical and visually out-of-date lamps by modern and attractive ones was the part of this task.

Up to this point the situation with lighting infrastructure in territories of RCM, the Vidzemes and Agenskalns market was critical because lighting was worn-out and obsolete – it didn’t meet needs of merchants and customers as well as safety requirements and visual image requirements. Besides these lamps consumed a lot of electric power and evolved large volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Some territories of the market weren’t illuminated at all. In this situation there were the various risks related to safety, irrational use of the electric power and financing, and also environmental pollution. For the solution of these problems and improvement of working conditions of merchants and conveniences of visitors, RCM realizes the project of the Financial instrument of climate changes “Illumination reconstruction in the territories of the Riga Central, Vidzemes and Agenskalna market”.

Under the project replacement of existing sodium and DRL lamps by LED ones in the territory of the Central, Vidzemes and Agenskalns market is finished. During the project the biggest attention was paid to the modern and ecological decision. Up to this point RCM was illuminated by approximately 100 lamps, but now 305 lamps are used. Here will be much more light now, it means – it will be safer here and markets are even more attractive. All the territory, including buildings, and the canal embankment is illuminated even in the places where illumination wasn’t provided at all.

Project terms
All works are completed till October 31, 2012.

Project financing
The general project costs make 245 000 lats. Funds of Financial instrument of climatic changes in the amount of 130 000 lats are used.


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